Pacific Winds INMACULADA Farms

25.00 USD

Inmaculada Farms who brought us Sudan Rume in 2020 have released an incredible one of a kind blend of Geisha, Bourbon and Sudan Rume that has been given the rightful name of Pacific Winds, as it is sure to blow you away with its smooth non acidic blend of fruitfulness. INMACULADA (Vientos del Pacífico) — Producer: Julian Vicente Holguin Ramos Region: Pichindé, Valle del Cauca, Colombia Farm: Inmaculada Elevation: 1700-2000m Process: Natural Variety: Gesha, Sudan Rume, Bourbon World Champion coffee farm at WBC in 2015. USA Champion at USBC in 2020. Good Food Awards winner 2021… Grown in Pichindé, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Process — WHOLE CHERRY ONLY IN SEALED TANKS, ONE WAY VALVE. 8 DAYS FOR Sudan Rume AND BOURBON, 2 DAYS FOR GEISHA, THEN SET OUT TO DRY on parabolic/carrousel drying beds. Milled after approx 20 days drying, machine sorted first, then hand sorted after. INMACULADA is one of the most revered coffee farms in the world!

Delivery: 2-5 business days